Corporate Away Days

The Workshops

Our upholstery days provide an imaginative and constructive alternative to the more usual ‘Away Day’ corporate events and activities.

The relaxed and constructive atmosphere of our workshops helps you and your team:-

  • gain new skills
  • feel the value of being creative
  • understand the importance of problem solving
  • encourage communication with colleagues
  • practice and understand work planning

Each Away Day will be structured in discussion with you to make sure your team gets the most from the event.

What you get

We provide all the tools and materials you will need, including high quality frames made by a local craftsman and a choice of wonderful fabrics.

Each individual will work on their own footstool, but in tandem with a partner that ideally they haven’t met or worked with before.  With a project to concentrate on, far ranging discussions are common that are stimulating, supportive and thought provoking. Feedback from our workshops  tells us that this is one of the most important aspects of our provision.

An excellent attendee/tutor ratio ensures that the work will progress well to a high standard.

At the end of the day, each participant will have their own footstool to take home, tangibly demonstrating their new skills and creativity.

About Us

We develop and deliver our upholstery workshops because we love to see people create and challenge themselves and enjoy the feeling of achievement that they gain individually and as a team. To help us do this we draw on all of our previous work experience of:

  • more than 30 years teaching upholstery
  • corporate and strategic work in the paper industry and local authorities,
  • more than 30 years secondary school teaching
  • working as an Open University tutor

We are well placed to understand the needs of your team and to help them have fun and gain new skills.

See our Facebook reviews and posts for more information and images of what participants achieve in our workshops.

Call us on 07747 161428 or email us on to discuss your next Away Day with us.